I had spoke with Mike and Jeff about the type of property I was looking for. After spending weeks looking on my own, Mike and Jeff found the perfect house for our family in just a few days. Glad the hunt was over. Thanks Guys. 

                  John H.                            Knoxville TN


  Listed my property with Jeff Goode and the day that he signed the contract and placed the sign in the yard he went and talked to the neighbors on both sides of me. A week later one neighbor brought and offer that we accepted. Thanks Jeff.   

             Barry C.                            Knoxville, TN


          “After having my Lake Front Property listed with an local Agent for 90 days, there was only one showing.  After my 30 day  ON-LINE Auction  with TarKnoxville.com , my property received 980 views and  had 8 registered bidders.  I was very please with  the exposure and response.”            

                   Francis H.                     Andersonville, TN 


          “I placed one of my listings,  a Beach Front Condo, for an ON-LINE Auction with TARknoxville.com.  Although the highest bid was not accepted, the number of bidder’s and the exposure was incredible, compared to the response from my local advertising I had placed.  I will use the ON-LINE Auction again.“  

                   Brady S.                        Myrtle Beach, SC 


          “Living in Canada I am always searching the web for property deals in the United States.  I found the ON-LINE Auctions at TARknoxville.com.  I called their staff and they walked me through the Registration process and emailed me additional info on the property. They were professional and knowledgeable. I sent in my Bidder Deposit but did not win and after the Auction ended I received the deposit back promptly. I now have TARknoxville.com as one of my favorites”  

                   Dr. Guy T.                               Canada 


          “Not living  in the Knoxville area, I was concerned about the Real Estate Company  doing the right thing when selling  my  Gas Station.   I must say that Mike and Jeff at Total Auction & Realty  did everything they said and more.  They took care of me and even though the property did not sell at the ON-Line Auction, it did produce a buyer  that came and purchased  the property the following day.   Thanks Guys.”  

                  Sam M.                                    Atlanta, GA

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